Zodiac Signs With Temper Issues Ranked From Most To Least In Astrology  


The first sign of the zodiac is Aries, which is ruled by Mars, the planet of fire, desire, and anger. Aries are known for having a short fuse and acting without thinking. These people get angry and irritable quickly when things don't go their way, and they're not afraid to say what they think.


The Sun rules Leo, which is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a world where you can be creative and express yourself. That's why they need praise and care. Because of this, they can act out when they feel ignored or undervalued.


In the zodiac, Scorpio is the eighth sign. Mars rules this sign. Because it is the planet of change and power, they have strong feelings and can lose their cool when they think someone has wronged them.


Planet Jupiter, which is associated with growth and happiness, rules Sagittarius. Passionate about exploring new things and loving freedom, Sagittarius people can become moody when they feel trapped or limited.


Its ruler is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. When Taureans think their beliefs or things are in danger, they can lose their temper.


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac cycle. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of speech and intelligence. You can't always count on Geminis, and their feelings can shift quickly. If they feel stuck or bored, they might lose their temper and attack people nearby.

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