Zodiac signs that are intuitive


Astrology attributes various traits and skills to each zodiac sign. Cancer is among the most intuitive zodiac signs. The crab symbolizes Cancer, the fourth zodiac sign.

Cancerians have high emotional sensitivity and intuitive communication. They have heightened empathy and can sense others' emotions and wants.


Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign. Pluto, the transforming planet, rules it and water. Scorpio, one of the zodiac's most mysterious signs, is known for its passionate personality and strong intuition.

Scorpios are recognized for their insight. They comprehend life's hidden dimensions and can look beyond the surface. Scorpios are sensitive and can detect subtle energies that others miss. 


Sagittarius, the eighth most intuitive zodiac sign, has excellent perception. Born under this fiery sign, the archer symbolizes them. Jupiter gives Sagittarians wisdom and expansion.


Pisces, the twelfth and last intuitive zodiac sign, has keen six senses and emotional insight. Neptune rules this water sign. Pisces are masters of intuition and empathy.

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