Your "Idol" character is determined by your zodiac sign  


He drives a red sports car, talks quickly, has a sharp haircut, and doesn't give a f–k. Andrew Finkelstein is an Aries. Cardinal Fire, who is controlled by Mars, shows up at the door of their star client just minutes after a scandal breaks, with money on the mind and a grudge?


In this case, Taurus rules the throat, which is why Izaak's voice sounds like sex sweat soaking into silk sheets. Izaak, played by Moses umney, says that he liked having a rat rail with Svengali Tedros because he pushed him further than he thought he could go. Taurus people find it hard to leave their comfort zone, and they are drawn to people who are strong and determined enough to help them break free.


Xander, played by real-life Gemini Troye Sivan, gives up his skills and loyalty like old underwear. He's a bad example of some of the less-than-great or foolhardy traits of Geminis. As a former child star, Xander only wants to be heard, accepted, and praised. He talks a lot but acts little.


Cancer is the sign of the mother, and Destiny, Jocelyn's co-manager, is played so beautifully by Da'Vine Joy Randolph that she acts as a substitute mother figure for the star who just lost her parents. She is both tough and soft, and she is very protective of Joc. She also wisely suggests that creep machine Tedros be killed to keep her from getting hurt.


Dyanne, played by Jennie Kim, lives for the spotlight and applause, even if it means jumping over the body of a friend who gave her a chance. She shines, dances, and steps into the spotlight, even if it means doing so over the friend who gave her a chance.


IRL Virgo played the part Rachel Sennott, Leia is the voice of reason in Jocelyn's crazy world. She opens the curtain, handles crises, and changes with the times. If you ask her, she's the argyle version of her boss's underwear. Everything is a party all the time, and I'm just trying to keep it together. That's what all Virgos say. She is taking care of business in her shoulder pads, telling Joc that she has to be at work early, and holding her bag while she sleeps with shady guys.

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