Women Of These 6 Zodiac Signs Forgives But Never Forget

Cancer ladies are sensitive and deep-hearted. Though they can forgive, their memories are steel. After being harmed, they hold onto the agony to remind them to protect themselves. 


Scorpio women are passionate. They have strong intuitions and rarely forget wrongdoing. Though they forgive, the treachery stays with them. A defense mechanism.


Virgo ladies are meticulous. Their memory is excellent, especially for previous wrongs. Though people forgive others, their minds remember such experiences, prompting them to be cautious in the future. 


Capricorn women are sensible and responsible. They forgive others' mistakes but never forget. They use past experiences to inform their future choices and prevent being wounded again. 


Taurus women are devoted and determined. Though they forgive readily, their memory is intact. They value second opportunities yet retain past lessons. 


We conclude with the unusual Aquarius. These women are humanitarian and forward-thinking. They may forgive to foster understanding and growth, but they rarely forget previous transgressions. 


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