Why Do Members Of Generation Z Value Astrology?  

Larocque was born on January 1, 1996. It's a lot more than just her birthday to her. The date shapes parts of her identity, her interests, her romantic choices, and even some of the choices she makes in her life.

Like many people who believe in astrology, she is sure that things in the sky have a direct effect on our lives. Larocque said that studying astrology has helped her understand herself better and her relationships with others stronger.

There are people she knows she is cosmically compatible with and people she knows she is not. She said, "I'll never date a Pisces again," but only half-jokingly.

Astrology is helpful "for people who want to delve deeper into themselves," said Larocque, a middle school teacher and yoga instructor from Boston who is 27 years old. "Knowing ourselves and trying to get better is the best thing we can do as people."

Larocque is not alone in turning to astrology as a means of self-improvement, introspection and personal growth. The astrology field is booming — a trend that has been driven by younger generations, experts say, and is evidenced by the countless websites and platforms that cater to the astrologically inclined.  

There are many astrology-themed dating apps, best-selling books, dozens of podcasts, and a huge number of astrology meme accounts on social media. Co–Star personalized astrology is one of the top 40 leisure apps in the country. "Mercury in retrograde" is a term that everyone knows.

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