Trust Issues in 6 Zodiac Signs  


Taurus is a good, sensible, and stable person who doesn't trust others easily. And it will be very hard to win their trust again if someone they loved and trusted hurt them and lied to them before.

Some people born under the Taurus sign are very loyal, but they don't like being let down twice, so if you've earned their trust, be careful not to lose it. The moment you lose their trust, there is no way to get it back.


But because the Moon rules them, Cancers have a hard time believing other people. They are very emotional, sensitive, caring, and friendly. Cancers often hide how they really feel so they don't hurt themselves. Most of the time, they hide behind their hard shells when things get tough.

This is because they don't trust easily, and it could take them a while to let down their guard and trust someone. They will believe you fully, though, once they feel safe and valued in the relationship.


Scorpio is a loyal and trustworthy person with a great sense of what's right. However, they have a hard time believing others and are wary of everything and everyone. Scorpios like to keep things to themselves and don't trust new people easily, especially if they seem interested in them.

Scorpios don't trust easily because they're always afraid of getting hurt. Supporting your sensitive Scorpio by being honest and showing them you can be trusted is the best thing you can do. Additionally, they don't like being lied to, so if someone cheats on them or lies to them, the relationship ends.

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