Top And Worst Box Office Zodiac Signs  

Geminis are the best role models for stress management because they know how to use their brain and when to relax.


Libras are the second best stress managers. These people handle tension effectively and stay silent when things go tough. That's a decent stress-reduction strategy, right?


Virgos are naturally good at managing stress and don't let it take over. They are reasonable and constantly find stress relief.


When agitated, Sagittarius people become more complex. They are usually serious and hot-headed, especially under stress, thus they need relaxation strategies.


Cancerians are wonderful nurturers and caregivers, but they overthink and damage their own comfort even with tiny issues, making them poor stress managers.


Aries have trouble handling stress they sometimes overreact and let stress damage them. Stress is manageable only if they can regulate their mind.


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