Top 6 Forgetful Zodiac Signs


Pisces is the most forgetful sign. The dreamy water sign is known for being careless. They remember their priorities well, especially family details. 


Geminis are quick-witted and quick-speaking. Social and outgoing, this sign loves meeting new people. Geminis are smart, but if they're not careful, they might get overwhelmed with information.


Aries are rarely forgetful about discussion specifics. However, this ambitious sign always overcommits. Due to their busy schedules, Aries often forget their plans with friends or vow to be somewhere and fall through.


A Libra loves the good life. Fair and balanced signs like to relax, which can cause forgetfulness. Libra enjoys life in the moment and worries later. 


Sagittarius are daring and free-spirited. However, reliability isn't their forte. This adventurer struggles to stay present, making it hard to focus on the present.


Aquarius are disorganized, profound thinkers. Though smart, these absentminded people might get lost in small details. Because of that, they prefer to focus on one subject at a time and give it their whole attention.

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