These are your ideal perfumes according to zodiac signs

Librans strive to make good choices, spend wisely, and collect classic perfumes. Librans are romantics who love woody, flowery, citric, and earthy mixtures under Venus' influence. 


Perfectionists lead by example and find serenity in organization. They are earth-driven and intuitive. To calm their nerves, they go to nature. Virgos prefer forest-inspired soft flowers and mossy greens. 


Red symbolizes fire, vitality, and confidence in Aries, which Mars rules. Astrologer Urvi Shrimanker calls them driven, focused, and leaders. Aries can lead and complete projects. Instead of impulsive, they are bluntly simple.


Venus rules Taurus, who enjoy rich, wonderful smells. While brand memory is crucial, people value aesthetics and are driven by the bottle as much as the contents. 


Surprise a Gemini with a note combination to win their nose. Shrimanker says Geminis, the Twin Sign, have two strong personalities. Their experimental nature means these air signs will have a diverse smell collection. 


Moon-ruled Cancerians are sensitive and insightful. Despite their mildness, they can be powerful if provoked. A perfume must be familiar, comfortable, and overpowering to hook them. They like delicate florals or bright citruses over powerful, adventurous aromas. 


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