Look at that fluffy, long-haired coat, milky-blue eyes, and sharp color patterns! These cuties get their name because they go limp when picked up and are always up for a cwtch (our new favorite phrase). Their peaceful and docile nature makes them simple to love.


Maine Coon cats, the gentle giant of cats, rank second in America's most popular cat breeds. The official state cat of Maine, the largest domesticated cat breed (males weigh over 18 pounds) is from North America. 

Maine Coon

Exotic Shorthair cats—pinched-face, googly-eyed Persians raised as short-haired cats—arrive at #three. Popular than their ancestor breed, these fluffballs wear a fur jacket that only needs a weekly brushing, making pet parents and cat caretakers' lives easier.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair's grandparents follow closely at #4. These cuties, known as Persian longhairs, have a fluffier coat than their descendants. Persians are one of the oldest domesticated cats and popular cartoon creatures. 


The short-haired, stand-up-eared Devon Rex ranks fifth. We love them, but their alien-like appearance might divide cats! Despite their looks, Devon Rexes make great pets since they love being around people and don't like being alone. Brainy and loving, they are. 

Devon Rex

Popular cats like the British Shorthair have low-maintenance fur and teddy bear looks. This fluffy is a pedigreed British domestic cat with a robust build, dense coat, and large face. You may have noticed this beauty with a solid gray-blue "British blue" coat and marble-like amber eyes.

British Shorthair

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