Most Amusing Zodiac Signs to Least  


Tauruses are known for being quiet and easygoing, and their sense of humor is the same way. They're not going to be the ones who shout their joke over everyone else to make sure they were heard. But they will be the one saying something incredibly funny to the person closest to them, making that person laugh out loud (sometimes inappropriately).


Cancers are great at making fun of themselves, which is funny for those who know they're not really in it, but it can be awkward for those who don't get it. Cancers also like straight-forward, biting humor, which can be hard for some people to get used to but is a huge hit with those who do.


People born under the sign of Leo love being the center of attention, and being funny helps them do that. That friend who loves to make things up and tell crazy stories for laughs, and they don't mind playing all the parts themselves.


Very friendly Libra is known for being friendly, so it's no wonder that they're also one of the funniest signs. Libras get their energy from other people, so if you smile, so do they.


Even though Scorpios like long, deep talks, they can still make things more fun with some humor! It may be dark humor, but dark things can be funny too if they're done right (see Heathers). However, Scorpios should be careful that their jokes don't become hurtful or insulting, and they should know when they've gone too far.


There's no doubt that Sagittarius is the funniest sign of the zodiac. They are very witty and smart. Archers are known for being able to laugh at anything, and they're often the kind of friend who makes you laugh out loud as soon as they walk in the door.

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