Marriage Compatibility for Zodiac Signs


You're free-spirited, idealistic, and a nomad. Think Oprah and Bob Marley. This can make finding “the one” hard. Unfettered Aquariuses may best comprehend you.


She dreams, heals, and nurtures. You've been known to let your imagination float away, so try Cancer for a more grounded balance. Another natural nurturer, they're most known for planting, watering, and growing roots.


You are a true leader if you are a fire sign and the ram is your animal. Like the people who are like Lady Gagas, you could use someone to help you use all that energy for good.


Patient and diligent Taurus, you calm others yet may use a partner, especially in stressful situations. Virgos are always trying to make others happy.


Get a Leo, the perfect passionate partner, and you'll never need your phone to pass the time. You enjoy quick wits. Open-minded, breezy Aquarius is your equal for an energetic, strong physical and psychological relationship.


Cancer, your tireless patience and ability to link all things are our favorite traits.Grab a Taurus for someone who values hard effort as much as you do. 

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