The Fruit You Should Eat, Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Aries don't try to be rude, but they don't always know when to stop. These people have lots of thoughts and opinions and don't mind talking over others. 


Because they don't see it, most people don't think of Taurus men and women as unfriendly. These natives are polite but may bite if provoked. Thus, they are one of the least courteous zodiac signs only when attacked. 


Geminis aren't always rude, even if they seem like it. If these natives fully engage in the present, they will be polite and respect cultural etiquette. 


It's no surprise these residents top the most courteous zodiac signs. These people consistently prioritize others over themselves. They also exude kindness and charm. They want everyone to feel comfortable and happy. 


The individuals in their lives should know how much they care. Whether it's thanking loved ones or going above and above at an event. Leos are one of the most polite zodiac signs, despite their confidence and attention.


Both Virgo men and women study every etiquette book. Despite their reputation for being strict and methodical, these residents are kind and considerate. 


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