Is TikTok's Zodiac Signs Chart Accurate?  

The astrology group is one of my favorite things about TikTok. The app has made it safe for people like me who are crazy about the sun, moon, and stars to talk about them. It can be unexpected and even a little scary at times.

But there's one thing that some astrology fans might not like about #AstroTok: the biased ideas people have about each zodiac sign. The newest cosmic trend fits all of those ideas, and then some.

There's a chart going around that apparently shows the good and bad traits of each zodiac sign. Even though this might not seem strange, as a professional astrologer I can assure you that this so-called astrology breakdown is not what it seems to be.

In this trend, people post a slideshow of a cute picture followed by a list of zodiac signs in a very specific order, such as Sagittarius men, Aquarius women, Virgo women, Taurus women, and so on.

Cancer men, Aquarius men, Taurus men, Scorpio men, and Virgo men are at the bottom of the list, being called "toxic" and "horrible." They do, however, make "good f*ck buddies."

I didn't hate it when this list called Aries women "very faithful and loyal," because as an Aries, I'm used to seeing my sign portrayed negatively as selfish, cocky, or reckless (though the last one might be partly true). No matter what, I had to break down this chart for the sake of #AstroTok, the world, and my own pleasure.

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