How To Kiss Each Zodiac Sign 

Aries kiss with fire. You presumably attempt to kiss better with each new set of lips to beat Scorpios, which sometimes works.


When driving or watching a movie, Virgo prefers a delicate hand kiss. How do the Zodiac's “eternal” virgins follow the sex gods/goddesses? It's surprising, yet their precision and pillow practice throughout their childhood enable them land here.


They bite like Aries but softly. If you tell them capricorns kiss more elegantly, they'll avoid kissing you where you're uncomfortable. But they're also proactive.


Scorpio wants to satisfy their physical and emotional demands; Taureans want to employ their senses. To feel their partner's lush lips, smell their alluring perfume, touch their smooth skin, and welcome you.


Libras kiss timidly despite their sensual reputation. Libra kisses are gentle and light butterfly kisses. Kisses from them leave you hazy. 


Libras are hesitant kissers despite their erotica. Libra kisses—butterfly kisses—are gentle and airy. You go hazy after their kisses. 


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