Here's What Cuffing Season Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

The fall dating season is looking better after a summer of makeups and breakups. Two eclipses this month will make you get closer to yourself. The Libra solar eclipse will stir your emotions first. A Taurus lunar eclipse later in the month will end a dramatic chapter that's held you back. 

Cuffing Season Horoscope

Dating goes beyond asking about your date's favorite color. It's about making relationships through fun and engaging activities today. Eventbrite reports an 188% rise in interactive game-based event attendance this year, including blindfolded dating.

 Dating trend  Checkmating

The new dating trend "Throwback Dating" is gaining popularity as individuals want to relive (or experience for the first time, notably Gen Z) the famous experiences of prior decades that bring comfort and familiarity. Global nostalgia is spreading,

 Dating trend  Throwback Dating

Prepare for an exciting new date! Sports events are becoming the go-to place to meet new people, with attendance rising fivefold. It's great for breaking ice and sweating. 

 Dating trend  Run, Play, Love

Eventbrite's data shows a 48% increase in attendance to 'under-the-radar' events, proving that more people are wanting to get lost in a new place and explore quirky experiences without leaving home.

 Dating trend  Local Wanderlove

New trend "Hush Hour Dates" is sweeping the world. Sharing interests like meditation and quiet experiences is making these dates increasingly popular as individuals seek deeper relationships.

 Dating trend  Hush Hour Date

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