Each Zodiac Sign's Worst Fear  


These fiery signs feel a deep connection to the thrill of power. What keeps them up at night is the thought of losing that power or not being loved and respected by everyone.


This sign needs a yin to their yang to feel whole because they like things to be steady. Their desire to hold on to relationships and connections that have passed their expiration date comes from the fear of not having a trusted inner group to help them deal with their feelings.


If this sign has built a fence around their heart to protect it, once they let someone in, they are in for life. They are afraid of making strong emotional ties because they don't want to lose this loyalty and dedication.  


As the empath of the zodiac family, you are tuned into everyone’s feelings. However, the uncertainty of the unknown and not having someone who can love the same way that you do can barricade you from the diverse experiences that life has to offer 


The zodiac twins' two different minds don't like being bored. Because they like to act on the spur of the moment and make things happen, this sign is scared of everything that looks like the last day.


This fire sign thinks they should be the first and best at everything since they are the first sign of the zodiac. Even though they don't expect to be liked by everyone, the thing that scares them the most is not being heard.

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