Dogs based on zodiac signs


Aries, ruled by Mars and symbolized by the ram, is impulsive and powerful. The German shepherd is their ideal dog companion due of these traits. 


Venus rules this strong earth sign. Boxers' personalities and looks may benefit from this celestial bull sign. Like a typical Taurean, this breed appreciates sleep and life's comforts.


Air, the twins' zodiac sign, is dualistic. Lovely border collies are easy to train and behave nicely in crowds. Gemini puppies and people are curious.


Cancerians, controlled by the moon and symbolized by the crab, understand emotions uniquely. Rottweilers are compassionate, sensitive, and fiercely protective, making them excellent for this cardinal water sign.


Leo is symbolised by a lion and is ruled by the Sun. This permanent fire sign has a fascinating personality and thrives when given attention. Pugs and Leos get along well because they both like socialising and having fun.


Detail-oriented The virgin symbolizes Virgos' strength, dependability, and diligence. Huskies are perfect examples of these attributes because they were developed to pull sleds across snow. 

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