Be Careful, These 3 Zodiac Signs May Break Your Heart 

Sign guarded and mysterious Scorpios have trouble opening up, so you may fall harder for them than they do for you. They're emotional and will leave you immediately if they feel wronged.


When the connection is right, Scorpios are devoted partners till the end, so don't let that deter you. As long as you don't break their trust.

Leos are always seeking the next greatest thing. Fire signs move quickly and destroy hearts with trends and flings.


After the initial excitement of the situationship wears off, Leos may want someone fresh to sweep them off their feet again. They adore attention.

Let's be clear: Virgos don't want heartbreak in relationships. As a perfectionist sign that understands what they want, your earth sign partner may cancel without notice.


Virgos know what they deserve and will send you packing before you can collect your belongings if you don't satisfy their standards.

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