Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies from a bakery are thick, soft, and wonderful! They're easy to make—no mixer needed!


-2 cups leveled all-purpose flour -1 ⅓ cups (150 grams) stirred and leveled   cake flour -1 tsp baking soda -1 tsp salt -2 sticks (230 grams) unsalted butter melted    and chilled for 15–20 minutes -200 grams packed light brown sugar -100 grams granulated sugar (½ cup) -2 big room-temperature eggs -1 big room-temperature egg yolk -1 tbsp vanilla -12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips (340  grams; I use half normal and half micro)


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On a large baking sheet, place parchment or silicone.Mix cake flour, baking soda, and salt in a large basin. Discard.Mix brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cooled melted butter in a large basin slowly. 

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Vanilla, eggs, and yolk.   Add the chocolate chips to the cookie dough after combining the dry ingredients.Put 3-ounce (85-90 grams) cookie dough balls on the baking sheet using a ⅓ cup measuring cup or big ice cream scoop.

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Cover cookie dough balls with plastic wrap for 3 hours or 3 days.Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C).  Remove cookie dough baking sheet from fridge.

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Line 2–3 extra baking sheets with silicone or parchment. With space, place 5–6 cookie dough balls on each baking sheet.   Bake cookies 14–17 minutes for firm tops and light browning. 

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After 15 minutes on the pans, carefully transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool.A week in an airtight jar at room temp for cookies.

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