7 Memory Boosting Neurobic Exercises

1. Non-dominant hand exercises with writing

Dominant hands are a prime illustration of this cognitive shortcut. Your dominant hand is the one you use daily without thinking.

2. Non-dominant Hand Music Exercises

Switch hands if you play higher tones with your left hand as a bassist. Try tapping if you've never done it.

3. Playing card non-dominant exercises

To do this, I've learned magic tricks and shuffles using my non-dominant hand. Standard mirrored techniques require both hands to perform equally.

4. Neurobic exercises with your mouth 

Neurobic exercise may involve your tongue, according to Keep Your Brain Alive. As they say, “the tongue and lips are among the most sensitive parts of the body, even more sensitive than the fingertips.

5. Ear Pinch Squats 

Finally, try ear pinch squats. I know it sounds wild, but you are incorporating movement and function in several muscle groups, and we know this has palpable benefits.

6. Eyes closed navigation exercise 

Close your eyes and stroll through a familiar, unobstructed region to your desired location. If you live in an apartment, exit the elevator or stairway and walk down the hallway blindly.

7. The key exercise 

You can practice getting out of the elevator, walking to your front door, getting out your keys, finding the right one, putting it in the keyhole, turning it to unlock the door, opening it, stepping inside, and closing it with your eyes closed.

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