6 Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudge

Fire sign Aries. So they may be irritable. They also have high expectations for their relationships because they like being the center of attention and are the first sign of the zodiac. They will show you if their wildness bothers them.


Pisces is a sensitive water sign who holds grudges. They fantasize and create their own realms. Because of this, they may misinterpret some behaviors as harmful. 


Since Leos are fixed signs, they make decisions and take things personally. Due to their self-confidence and gregarious nature, they believe they are always right. Even if you admit fault and apologize, don't expect them to dismiss the matter.


Due to their fastidious nature, Virgos shouldn't be told what to do. They won't hold resentments as long as other signs, but they'll try to convince you their way is ideal. 


Scorpios, another water sign, are loyal and distant due to their inner conflict. Whatever the treachery, if you entered their minds and did them wrong, they would resent you for a long time. 


Capricorn always has an imaginary scorecard, so they can easily point out misbehavior. They can forget anything that doesn't affect their careers, and they're more likely to forget it.


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