6 Most Self-Reliant Zodiac Signs 

Aries, you work alone because you believe you are the greatest at anything you do. Aries takes initiative to get things done, not ego. Self-reliance adds to your inherent success.


You adore it alone and in groups. Leon, you love almost everything, but you prefer self-reliance with others. Still, you have a terrific time alone. You're excited about not having to thank someone for a favor.


Your desire for success drives you to pursue it without waiting for others. Your independence and willingness to take charge of any assignment are traits of Virgo, a motivated, private sign who enjoys spending time alone doing what's necessary.


Cancerians appreciate space. You like to cook, make things look well, and satisfy others, but you like to please yourself most. That's good. You acquire everything you need your way without others' comments or judgments, which annoys you.


You're overly independent because you hate being dependent. You are the most independent sign and prefer to do things alone.


You desire to be alone as a Gemini. You craft your own script, rebel against others, and enjoy doing big things on your own.


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