6 Most Depressed Zodiac Signs 

They're called attention seekers. Aries like attention. They may seem arrogant, but they merely want attention. If they don't get it, they feel wronged. 


Those born under this sign know how idle they are and loathe it. Unknowingly, they placed themselves in a safe, bullshit-free environment deep down, they realize they're scarcely productive.


When a Gemini is sad or hurt, others are too. The sadness a Gemini feels is 10 times more than yours. Heartbreaks plunge them into despair. Loved ones' grief is too much for them.


Cancerians' sadness stems from their appearance. Body-conscious, people go into sadness if they don't look well. However, they exercise and clear their path to recover. Cancerians are open about their feelings.


They get what they desire, exactly like the lion on the sign. When things go wrong, they get frustrated and powerless. Depression results from this. Leos hate being defenseless. 


Overthinking makes them notice the negatives and imagine the worst-case situations that are unlikely to happen, resulting in the worst outcomes. Virgos are depressed because they're pessimistic.


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