6 Most Compassionate Zodiac Signs 

Pisces are zodiac daydreamers who lose touch with reality. Despite their self-centeredness, they are romantic and empathetic.


Scorpios observe closely and trust their instincts. They also know how to help people in difficult situations due to their life experience.


Loftis says they love to feel needed and can identify what's wrong and how to fix it, which can lead to philanthropic acts of compassion, generosity, and service. Earth signs are natural empaths but will defend themselves if exploited.


Loftis says they can swiftly see all sides of a subject. "It gives them a unique perspective and the ability to be compassionate for another person's circumstances," adds.


Aquarius is another air sign with strong empathy. These people adore giving and won't turn anyone away, according to Newman. Aquarius will solve a problem without hesitation if others can't. 


No surprise Cancers are the most empathetic sign. Newman tells Best Life they are compassionate and gentle and "will go to great lengths for their loved ones." Cancers are sensitive and generous, therefore they always help.


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