5 Shy Zodiac Signs According to Astrology

Shy zodiac signs worry that their comments are ignored and their thoughts don't matter. They also don't want to say anything unpleasant or controversial because it would make them the center of attention, their worst nightmare. We want to argue that massive outside pressure has made them shy.

Many consider the crab the shyest of the twelve zodiac signs. That may be true. The star sign is opinionated and vocal only if you know them. Cancer prefers to listen to a group they hardly know.


This sensitive, empathetic star sign consistently tops the shy zodiac signs list. Pisces are usually on edge and extremely protective of their feelings. They avoid direct contact to avoid having their heart trampled.


Many will be surprised to learn Scorpio is shy. If it makes sense, they are not bashful but act like it. This secretive zodiac sign struggles to trust others and uses timidity to get information.


Perfectionists fear speaking out of turn or saying something everyone disagrees with. Virgos are confident at the office if they do their job. They struggle in meetings and client conversations. 


Capricorns are naturally paradoxical. They're quiet but good leaders. This star sign excels under pressure, gets along with most people, and wins employee of the month. People are used to seeing them in command.


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