5 Zodiac Signs That Misinterpret Love Signals

Love signals, delicate and sometimes ignored indicators of love interest, are difficult to understand. We've all tried to tell if someone likes us or is merely friendly. 


Oh, Gemini, the duality and wit master. They quickly win hearts with their charm and silver tongue. They confuse themselves by overanalyzing love signals. 


Cancerians are excellent caregivers because they are emotionally sensitive. They typically doubt love signals due to their caution. They fear rejection, so they may downplay or justify any signals of affection, missing out on true love. 


Libras are the classic romantics, seeking equilibrium in all relationships. Their perfectionist nature can cause individuals to misinterpret love signals. 


Scorpios crave intimate relationships due of their intensity. However, their suspicions and ability to find hidden meanings can confuse their judgment.


Pisceans dream amid a sea of emotions and imagination. They understand others' emotions yet struggle to distinguish truth from imagination due to their empathy.

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