5 zodiac sign most likely to alone  

Some loners cry because they're lonely, but others enjoy being alone. We also have those that become overwhelmed among crowds and need a break. This list of zodiac signs that like being alone may resonate with you.

Scorpios enjoy companionship, but they can only obsess over one person. Instead of interacting with strangers at parties, they prefer to be with people they like. Sitting alone with their thoughts is another possibility.


This zodiac sign enjoys socializing but becomes exhausted. They love alone time and will likely lose themselves in writing or another hobby that improves them. They are picky about their firm. If they dislike others, they stay home.


Cancerians love entertaining but withdraw if they don't like them. Cancerians enjoy being home alone, thus being home alone isn't a bother.


Pisces enjoy alone because they love themselves. They daydream often. They are creative too. Socially, this zodiac is sluggish. So self-love and laziness govern their socializing time.


This zodiac sign can be gregarious or alone depending on their attitude. Capricorns sometimes desire solitude.


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