5 Most obsessive zodiac signs  

Obsessions don't just include people. Every pro-athlete will declare their life is about their sport. The majority of chefs' favorite pastimes include food. Ask any aspiring lawyer taking the LSAT what they expect to do in the next months, and they'll likely say books and studying.

Obsession consumes them; they want to live, breathe, and eat what they adore. When invested, they have an incredible drive and tenacity.


The "I love you so much I just can't even imagine my life without you" obsession is how Cancer controls. In tune with their emotions. They are confident and open about their desires.


Tauruses are sensible but set in their ways. Taurus is too determined to give up on what they love. They seem to have blinders on, blocking out the world.


They get obsessive when someone or something inspires them creatively and emotionally. Pisces love the arts and become passionate about them.


Libras hate solitude. They may obsess over having a romantic or platonic partner. They need daylong amusement to be pleased.


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