4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Extra Dramatic During August’s Full Blue Moon

Taurus, purge your online and offline friends. This is a positive lunation for you; let rid of self-imposed restrictions and actualize your most extravagant aspirations, and Marquardt says a huge milestone may be coming.


Taurus will be watchful of their social networks because they'll see who supports them, Marquardt says. But some pals may be a wet blanket by downplaying Taurus' success.

Leo, what are you clutching? As you assess your spiritual and mental health, this lunation may be emotional. Your financial and intimate relationships may change drastically. 


“You will feel hyper-aware of the imbalances, unfulfilled expectations, and unspoken feelings that have been lurking under the surface,” Marquardt explains.


Your analytical mind is typically a strength, yet it may be holding you back. Lean into this moment of understanding to eliminate harmful interpersonal behaviors or end unhealthy partnerships.

“You're realizing you need more patience with yourself when your best efforts don't work out the first time,” Marquardt says. Your inner work now will help you govern your future.


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