3 Zodiac Signs Will You Fall In Love  

You may not know what hits you on August 25, 2023, but it's good and makes your heart race. Could it be love? It may be, but infatuation. Since it now matters most to you, you can't escape it. You've fallen hard for someone, which makes no sense.


You may not have felt this intensely about anybody previously or be used to this enthusiasm. Whatever it is, today pulls you to your knees, and you're happy that you can still feel this type of love. 

Today is the day you've always wanted to let go and feel love and madness. August 25, 2023, delivers a fresh situation that shocks and stuns you, but you go with it since you love someone deeply.


When Moon trine Venus, this happens. Since 'thinking' isn't in the plan, we don't care if we're making the appropriate option. Let our hearts lead us as we follow the flow. No one knows where we land, and Virgo won't care today. 

Falls are hard. You're usually in charge of your emotions, so you know what's 'too much' and 'too little.' Today is like no-bet day.


You're not yourself today. When you fall so strongly for someone that you forget your name, you may be laughed at.

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