3 Zodiac Signs Want A Fling

Cancer, you are not the 'typical suspect' for this kind of behavior, so whatever drove you to want a fling rather than a full-blown partnership must have changed your life.


Moon conjunct Venus makes you think you need a fling to take charge of your life. Even if this is a revolt against past failures, it's your life, and if your instinct tells you you don't want a relationship right now, you'll follow it.

You're independent and enjoying it. You usually feel like someone else's beck and call, which is OK, but during Moon conjunct Venus on August 15, 2023, you feel like you can conquer the day.


You don't want to pander to anyone else's demands or expectations right now, so 'less than massive' with a lover sounds perfect.

If you desire a fling, you will do anything to acquire one. You've been through too much love and passion recently.


Moon conjunct Venus, you'll make the 'executive' choice to avoid love's burden and enjoy the sensual pleasures of a non-committal relationship.

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