3 Zodiac Signs Need A Break From Love

Love gets into your head and makes you respond in all kinds of ways, and you don't need someone in your head right now. You may have observed that your work and health are on a roll.


Mercury trine Node pushes you to focus on what makes sense presently. You are a creative machine, and only love or romance might derail you. Keep going.

Scorpio, everything in your life is asking you to focus as you pick up signs left and right. Keep your mental wellness in mind as you focus on your work, physique, and health. You alone can control your career and health, thus nobody else will help you.


During Mercury trine Node, love and passion are more of a distraction than a positive force. You're happy to be loved, but you don't feel like you have to maintain the 'romance' every day—not at least not now.

You're honest with yourself, and Mercury trine Node will back you. When you need to focus on yourself, as you do now, you know not to get involved with others.


prevent love interests to prevent having their thoughts or suggestions ruminate in your head. Even when married, you want to escape for a time. 

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