10 Things Men Find Attractive About Women

Embracing the style

Men want to see ladies in nice attire because it gives them a first impression. Whatever the clothes, a stunning sundress, a sexy evening gown with heels, or a casual outfit.


Being an equal

Despite a man's natural urge to nurture his lady, certain things have changed. Modern culture values equality, so sharing the cost on date


Taking the lead

Men struggle to lead talks and choices while together. A male is instantly more attracted to a woman who takes the lead and initiates at several levels.


Being confident and smiling

Nothing glows brighter than self-confidence and contentment. A man can't look away from a confident lady. Remember that a smile goes far!


Laugh at their joke

Men love to make women laugh. They will do many things to make a lady smile, and you appreciating that will make his heart flip.


Passionate women

Men love watching powerful women do what they do best! They like women with a strong passion and a wonderful enthusiasm for life that keeps them anchored.


Maintaining eye contact

Eye contact may be the most personal thing in the world. Nothing beats eye contact, and when a woman has it with her guy, he weakens.


You keep him intrigued

Men like the excitement of the chase and how a woman can keep them curious about her. Most men want this.


Living life to the fullest

A guy enjoys a lady who is open to new experiences, whether it's baking or trekking.


Being a good listener and having intellectual conversation

Although a man's main appeal is a woman's appearance, he also has to be able to talk to her intellectually.


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